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3rd Circle, Inc.

3rd Circle is a non-profit organization that develops personalized support services for people experiencing disability. Rooted in the philosophy of Gentle Teaching, 3rd Circle strives to strengthen the fabric of companionship and community for all those we serve. Their innovative approach to care giving is grounded in the recognition and celebration of the intrinsic value of each individual. Since Mike Cormier founded 3rd Circle, Inc. in 2016, his commitment is to never sacrifice quality for profit. Giving back and participating in the community, along with promoting positive interactions, creating relationships and not transactions, and continued promise of good things to come from recognizing one another's gifts and vulnerabilities is just something this non-profit strives for.

3rd Circle is committed to providing support to people experiencing disability whose support needs are not currently being fulfilled. At 3rd Circle, Supportive Living encompasses a wide range of in-home support based on individual needs, personal lifestyle preferences, community norms, and equality of citizenship. Support provided by 3rd Circle celebrates the individuality and value of each person and centers on the development of meaningful relationships within the community. Mike has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the ARC of Oakland County's Dove Award for Service Professional of the year and Innovative Lifestyles Impacting the Lives of Others Award. In his free time, Mike volunteers with various groups that help to enhance the lives of those with differing abilities, such as a Creative Arts program, Special Olympics, and Team GUTS (Ground Up Training Systems). Mike and 3rd Circle, Inc. reminds us to enjoy each day and that good things will happen.