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Kids Standard Publication

This is our Third year in Clarkston that we publish and distribute Kids Standard's magazine and formed after school writing program.

There are so many things I love about Clarkston, for one Clarkston is a beautiful place to live and work.   I believe that  schools  influences your community and we have a fabulous school district administrators, educators, students from kinder to high schools who are contributing to their community. which is wonderful to see -

What we are doing with Kids Standard creating a forum where everyone, from a kindergartner to an educational mastermind, can have a voice on learning that matters. Then highlight literacy, 21st century skills, and development of confidence and agency to make a difference in the world. Clarkston is a great community that loves and support its youth. Kids Standard allows children to give back to their community by volunteering their time and being its voice.

***Every Year we give scholarship to high school students  who mentor for our after school program.

**Every year We give out a  few scholarship to elementary students  to are facing economic challenges.

Clarkston is where all started and now we have grown to many other districts.


Interested in reading the lastest issue? Check it out below!