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Clarkston Chamber Clarkston Volunteer Clearing House

Brandon Gentile

I love being an ambassador of the Clarkston chamber because of the growth environment fostered by all of the active members. I grew up and am from Clarkston so it means so much to be involved in the community that I know so well and care the most about. 

I love being part of “growth" and when I joined the chamber about 4 years ago it was still looked at as “something younger people didn’t get involved with.” But, the Clarkston chamber now has an awesome mix of business owners with help of the Ambassador team recaching out to new businesses.

The chamber has provided me untold opportunities and relationships with other business owners and members of the community. The monthly meetings and the networking opportunities provided are a testament to the creativity of the Chamber leadership, board, ambassadors, and its members.

Small business is the engine of the country and being a part of a local chamber is paramount for any small business or non-profit. Business is a team sport and you cannot succeed in this venture alone. Having a strong support network is key to success in growing your business and serving your community!

I am proud to be a Clarkston Chamber Ambassador and be the ones on the forefront of welcoming new businesses and sharing the importance and resources the chamber provides!